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Art Enrichment spring term - 12 February 2016

This term in art enrichment we have been creating various pieces of work with clay, paper and paint. Have a look below to see what we have been up to.


Session 1 – paper weaving.

Paper weaving involved taking a piece of coloured A3 paper, measuring and cutting slots into the paper, then inserting strips of differing colours to create a weave effect. We had to think carefully about whether our strips of paper needed to go over or under each time to make sure the pattern created the look we were after. We also considered what we might use the finished article for; we decided on art to hang at home in our rooms or, once laminated, as place mats for our dinner tables.


Session 2 – Clay initials.

Clay initials involved rolling out a large piece of clay and placing a paper template of our first initial on top. We then used special clay utensils to carve around the letter until we were left with a clay version. To decorate our letters we used multi-coloured gems and beads, some of us made patterns and some of us let our imaginations run wild and completely covered the clay.  They were then left to dry out over the weekend. We think we made some pretty impressive pieces!


Session 3 – Blow painting

The first task in this session was to cut round pictures of our faces, being careful to cut off any hair. We then stuck this image onto a piece of A3 paper and dropped different coloured blobs of paint mixed with plenty of water onto the picture in a random order. The water was important as it would help the paint to spread easily around the page. Next we used to straws to blow the paint all around the paper to give ourselves some crazy colourful hairstyles. We also gave new looks to Mr Bucknall, Mr Siva and Miss Vye! We are still waiting for them to adopt these looks in real life!


Session 4 – Shape art

In this session we drew round shapes randomly on a piece of A3 paper, overlapping as we went along. We then used coloured pencils to create some eye-catching designs, taking care to colour the overlaps in different colours.


Keep your eyes peeled for more next term!