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Basketball glory….to be continued! - 17 March 2016

On Thursday 16th of March, six year six children took part in the Westminster Primary Schools basketball tournament at Little Venice Sports Centre.

There were five schools in our group, some of whom we had met in the recent football tournament at Paddington Recreation Ground. The winning team was that which either reached 15 points first or was in the lead after ten minutes, whichever came first (each match was played for a maximum of ten minutes.)

After a WHOLE HOUR of warming up, we started against Hampden Gurney, a victory was followed by a short break then on to face St Mary Magdalene’s, which ended in another win. We had ten minutes rest then played against, and beat, King Solomon’s Academy which left only Barrow Hill to beat in the final game of our group. We also won this match and this confirmed our position as top of our group, onwards to the next round…..which will be played at a later date!

Here are some pictures of the group stages: