Supporting Children With Difficulties in Reading and Writing

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3 comments on “Supporting Children With Difficulties in Reading and Writing

  1. I was struck by section A – inattention and point 10. I thought how easy it is to assume children haven’t learnt just because they appear not to be listening and forget to check what they know.

  2. I agree with the following comment here with children’s inattention. Was a massive eye opener of classroom settings and thinking about things I wouldn’t have thought about- not sitting them near children with same interests, don’t place near heaters, doors etc as they are huge distractions.
    They gave some great ideas for children to help calm them during lessons.

  3. SStephen says:

    Yes I had never thought a heater to be a distraction before! It is so true to keep focus on assessing knowledge rather than putting focus on attention span.

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