We will strive to dream dreams,
to challenge and change expectations,
to break down barriers.

We will build confidently on our Christian roots and foundations,
whilst celebrating the place of all beliefs,
to create a caring school family
where everyone feels safe, happy and special.

We will give strong support to all:
encouraging them to pursue their full potential,
to seek high levels of attainment,
and to celebrate every achievement.

We will make a positive impact in our community by
acting as ambassadors for the school,
building partnerships
and answering the call of our social responsibility.

We will energetically deliver
a fun, innovative and thought-provoking curriculum
That builds self-belief, broadens experiences, develops life skills
and opens opportunities for now and the future.

We will value and respect the historic building we have inherited
whilst imaginatively constructing
a dynamic, welcoming and exciting learning environment
that facilitates this vision.