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Year 4 Home Learning Tasks – Summer Term 2 – Week 6

Year 4 Home Learning Tasks – Summer Term 2 – Week 6:

Hi everyone! Below, you can find useful ideas, websites and tasks for home learning this week.


Reading, Writing and Maths:

Please open the two links below and complete this week’s home learning activities for Reading, Writing and Maths. You can print out the workbooks OR answer the questions on A4 paper with a pencil.

Year-4-Week-5-Home-Learning-Pack CLASSROOM SECRETS

Year-4-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack CLASSROOM SECRETS






Over the last couple of weeks, you began learning about a new ancient civilisation known as the Anglo-Saxons that began in 1066. Using the websites below for help, continue your learning about this historical period was ruled.





1.      What did Anglo-Saxon craft makers love to make?

2.      How did Anglo-Saxons who could not read or write, learn about different stories?

3.      What was the name of the monster that Anglo-Saxon hero ‘Beowulf’ was famous for defeating?

4.      Why do you think the Anglo-Saxons liked telling stories of heroes like Beowulf so much? What might it teach you about the way they lived?

5.      Name some games that children in Anglo-Saxon times liked to play?







Last week, we continued our learning about Islam or the Muslim religion. Last week, I asked you to learn about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who founded the Islamic Religion. This week, I want you to continue your learning about Islam, by learning about the ‘Koran;’ the Muslim holy text.






1.      What do Muslims believe will happen to them after life?

2.      What are the main messages that the ‘Koran’ teachers?

3.      Why do Muslims usually keep the ‘Koran’ in higher up places?

4.      What language was the book first written in?

5.      In what ways, is the ‘Koran,’ important to Muslims?







This week, use the websites below on BBC Bitesize to continue to recap your learning of Space and our Solar System. After looking through the websites and watching the videos, answer the questions below about the Sun.







1.      What gas is Hydrogen turned into at the Sun’s core?

2.      How does the Sun help us to see the Moon?

3.      Does the Moon orbit the Sun?

4.      Why is the Sun so important to humans? Can you at least list 3 reasons?

5.      How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun?

6.      Why does it not get dark in the North Pole during Summer time there?


Now fill in the gaps below picking one of these words, to fill each gap below:

planets – star – heat – aliens – moons – person


The Sun is a _____________ .  It produces light and _______________  as hydrogen is turned into helium at the Sun’s core. Stars are orbited by ______________ , which can sometimes be orbited by _______________ .







Ms Rodriguez has created some Spanish tasks for you this week:

yr 4 – Spanish week 6





1.      Mr Kwame has asked you to practice your dance routine that you started learning this term. Please click on the link below to find it:

Also, don’t forget to check the main page for Kwame’s weekly fitness videos.







Join along with Mr Nelson for Praise Collective Worship. Sing-a-long to ‘10,000 reasons’

“10,000 Reasons” with Mr Nelson!

‘It is well’ with Mr Nelson!

Sing with Mr Nelson!

All these videos can be found on the school website.






Art & DT:

This week, click on the link below and try out the Art pattern activities.

Art Home Learning






Ella has sent me some resources to remind you about some of things we learnt during the well-being workshops earlier in the year. Click on the links below and try out some of the activities to help manage your health and well-being while you are at home. The next two are about help with feeling calm.

Week 3 – Activities to feel more calm

Week 4 – Grounding and Noticing