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Year 4 Home Learning Tasks – Summer Term 2 – Week 7:

Year 4 Home Learning Tasks – Summer Term 2 – Week 7:

Hi everyone! Below, you can find useful ideas, websites and tasks for home learning this week.


Reading, Writing and Maths:

Please open the two links below and complete this week’s home learning activities for Reading, Writing and Maths. You can print out the workbooks OR answer the questions on A4 paper with a pencil.

Year-4-Week-7-Home-Learning-Pack CLASSROOM SECRETS

Year-4-Week-8-Home-Learning-Pack CLASSROOM SECRETS








Over the last couple of weeks, you began learning about a new ancient civilisation known as the Anglo-Saxons that began in 1066. Using the websites below for help, continue your learning about this time period and the religious beliefs they had back then.





1.      What religion did people believe in when the Romans ruled Britain?

2.      What religion were the Anglo-Saxons before many were converted to Christianity?

3.      What are the name of the four Anglo-Saxons Gods, whose names became the days of the week?

4.      Name three things that Anglo-Saxons believed could protect them from bad spirits.

5.      Why did many Anglo-Saxons begin to change religion in AD597?

6.      What could we learn from the Anglo-Saxon burial grounds about their beliefs about the afterlife?







Last week, we continued our learning about ‘Islam’ or the Muslim religion. Last week, I asked you to learn about the Muslim holy text, known as the Quran. This week, I want you to continue your learning about Islam, by learning about prayer at their place of worship, the Mosque.





1.      Why do Muslims stand so close together when praying at the Mosque?

2.      What direction do Muslims pray towards? North, East, South or West?

3.      What is the name of the holy place in the East where Muslims must go to at least once in the lives?

4.      Why are the walls of the Mosque very plain and bare?

5.      What is the name of the holy text of Islam that you can find inside Mosques?







This week, use the websites below on BBC Bitesize to continue to recap your learning of Space and our Solar System. After looking through the websites and watching the videos, answer the questions below about the day and night cycle.






1.      What does the Earth orbit that causes the seasons to change?

2.      Is it day or night time when the Earth is facing the Sun?

3.      How are shadows affected by the night and day cycle?

4.      In what season do you think our shadows are the longest? Summer or winter?

5.      What we can we learn by visiting the country that is the furthest north in the world?

6.      In what season would it be night all day long in the North Pole?










Ms Rodriguez has created some Spanish tasks for you this week:

yr 4 – week7







1.      Mr Kwame has asked you to practice your dance routine that you started learning this term. Please click on the link below to find it:

Also, don’t forget to check the main page for Kwame’s weekly fitness videos.








Join along with Mr Nelson for Praise Collective Worship. Sing-a-long to ‘10,000 reasons’

“10,000 Reasons” with Mr Nelson!

‘It is well’ with Mr Nelson!

Sing with Mr Nelson!

All these videos can be found on the school website.








This week, follow the step by step instructions on the website below to create Art work that looks like it’s moving!

*Op Art Shaded Shapes






Ella has sent me some resources to remind you about some of things we learnt during the well-being workshops earlier in the year. Click on the links below and try out some of the activities to help manage your health and well-being while you are at home.

Week 4 – Grounding and Noticing

Week 4 – Spot the Difference Answers

Week 5 – Using Distractions

Week 6 – Dealing with worries







I hope you all have a safe and pleasant summer. Well done for the all the hard work that you completed at home while school was closed. You should be proud of the resilience you have shown.


Mr Siva