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Home Learning Spring 2, Week 5


·        Write a letter to your best friend to tell them how you are spending your time off school.

·        Write a prediction for the rest of ‘The Princess’s Blankets’ by Carol Anne Duffy.

What do you think will happen following the events we have read about so far? How do you think it will end?


·        Read a book for 15 minutes each day. Write a brief summary of the events from your reading after each daily read.

Once you finish reading, write a book review summarising your thoughts on the book and whether you would recommend it for other children your age.


·        Follow the link below and complete Lesson 1: Using ratio language.

Watch the short video, then open and answer the questions on the worksheet. Make sure to check your answers.


·        Spend at least 10 minutes each day playing one of the maths games on this website:



Watch the first 4 minutes of the video found in this link, which describes football in the UK in 1945:


Use the video to answer the following questions, and then compare it to football in the UK today:

What boots did they wear?

What kit did they wear?

Describe the ball footballers used to use.

How did coaches coach their teams?

Who played football?


Research and write down (in your own words) 5 arguments each for and against recycling.

You can use this link to help you: https://www.renewableresourcescoalition.org/recycling-advantages-disadvantages/


·        Research and answer the following questions:

–      What does Good Friday mean to Christians, and how do they recognise it?

–      What does Easter Sunday mean to Christians, and how do they recognise it?

·        Listen to ‘And Can It Be’ (https://bit.ly/3b7J2ZB), a hymn typically sung on Good Friday.

Compare the lyrics and tone from this with ‘Thine Be The Glory’ (https://bit.ly/39auiYE), a hymn typically sung on Easter Sunday.

See if you can identify:

–      What the purpose of each song is

–       How they are different

–      How their tone and lyrics might make them better suited to their purpose


Make an information booklet/leaflet about the human eye, using information the link below and any further research you do to help:

Your Amazing Eyes!