Home Learning

Home Learning Spring 2 Week 6

It was absolutely lovely to be able to speak to most of you this week and seeing how you’re all getting on at home.

Down below is your weeks home learning. Please don’t feel you have to do this all in one day. As long as you’re working from your home pack as well that was sent home and do a little of this each day. If there are any questions about anything please jot them down for when I next check in with you.


I know some of you would like some revision on your phonics. Here is a link for you for live sessions.



Write a story about the Stone Age period. Think about how you can begin your story. Think about your characters. Think about their lifestyle. Think about the use of your punctuation. Can you include commas? Can you include inverted commas? Can you include a rhetorical question? Challenge yourself! Remember to set your story out in paragraphs. Remember to stop…and re-read your writing to make sure it makes sense.

Beginning, build up, problem, resolution, ending. Use the word mats to help you. Draw a picture to go with your story if you’d like.

adjectives mat

Stone Age word mat


Please read daily for 15-20 minutes. If you are needing other books, I have set up Oxford Owl for you to access at home. After each of these stories you will have comprehension questions.


(My class login)

Username: missburns3

Password: MissBurns3

If you would like to listen to David Walliams, he is doing online stories for 30 days http://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com

Read a newspaper. Write a paragraph or more about what you’ve found out.


Spellings for this week are:

illegible, illegal, illegally, illogical, illuminated, illuminations, impress, impressive, imply, immune

Define these words using a dictionary.

With your wonderful handwriting (I’ll still be looking out to give pen licenses) write these words in sentences.

Spelling Shed


TimesTable Rockstars


Here are lessons that you can access from home. There are lessons on fractions. Watch the video before you begin your worksheet as they teach you beforehand. Click on the link below:


Help your adults when they’re doing something for you at home. Help measure out the quantity whilst cooking. Help measure out the washing up liquid when doing washing.


Daily routine with Joe Wicks, live from 9am. Miss Burns will be joining in from home too.

Religious Education-

Think of a time in your life when you’ve felt joy, another time when you’ve felt sad and another when you were full of hope. What made you feel like this? How long did these times last? Did you do anything because of these feelings? If you’ve got the film ‘Inside Out’, watch it. Think about the feelings and emotions by the daughter. Compare to your everyday life.

For Christians, Palm Sunday, Goof Friday and Easter Sunday are time to remember the joy, sadness and despair, and hope felt by the followers of Jesus and Jesus himself.

Create an emotion graph for Christians showing how they might feel at a service on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Then annotate the graph.

What can you be hopeful for?


Where are you and your family from?

Draw a map of your country. Write a paragraph (or more) describing your country. Can you tell us a fun fact?


Who can complete a drawing of a flower first? Get your family involved.

Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game


Ms Rodriguez has told me you’ve been learning about colour. Here is a worksheet for you if you are able to print off at home. If not, in your book that was given out with your learning packs, draw it and colour it in.



Access your USO account. Go into J2e. Create a painting of what you’ve found interesting/enjoyed this week. Type a sentence to explain. I will be checking these on Friday evening.


Out of the Ark-



Would you like to participate in a 30 day ART challenge? Here are this weeks challenges.

Day 1: Design and make your own boat that will float on water.

Day 2: Draw a butterfly with exotic colours.

Day 3: Make your own puppet using a sock.

Day 4: Design the best parachute to protect a boiled egg.

Day 5: Make your own kite.


I’ve found some calming activities for you to do. Welcome your family members at home to join in with you.

If you love your lego: Can you build a germ fighting robot? We really need this one now! Can you build a spaceship? It has to be big enough for 10 people and able to survive a trip to Mars. If you don’t have lego, draw or make it using other materials you’ve got at home.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Write 3 things down daily that has made you happy.


When using your online account for learning, please make sure you are taking in turns with your siblings so they are able take part for their class teacher as well. I hope this caters for what some of you asked for during our home phone calls this week. If you think of any activities during the week, jot it down for next time we speak!

Please take care this week and please look after your adults at home!

I will be speaking to you all again soon!

Miss Burns