Home Learning

Home Learning Spring 2, Week 6


·      Write an informative leaflet aimed at other children your age, giving advice and suggestions on how they could spend their time at home during the school closures.

·      Research and watch ‘Super Sentence Stacking – Lucky Dip- Session 1’. This is an online lesson being taught to help you write a story. Listen to and follow the instructions in the video.


·      Read a book for at least 15 minutes each day. Write a brief summary of the events from your reading after each daily read. Once you finish reading, write a book review summarising your thoughts on the book and whether you would recommend it for other children your age.


·      Follow the link below and complete Lesson 2: Ratio and fractions. Watch the short video, then open and answer the questions on the ‘Get the Activity’ worksheet. Make sure to check your answers.


·      Spend at least 10 minutes each day playing one of the maths games on this website: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/ordering-and-sequencing-numbers


Watch the video found in the link below, which describes how holidays came to many UK workers that could previously not afford it:

Use the video to answer the following questions:

What did the Parliament Act passed in 1938 decide?

How much paid holiday were workers entitled to?

Butlins Holiday Camp was a new holiday resort created to take advantage of the new law by giving workers somewhere they could spend their time off. What is the name of its founder?

How many people went to the Butlins Holiday Camp in 1939?

What kind of activities did these visitors take part in?


Try and remember five techniques to improve your mental well-being and try them out at home. Where possible, share and try out these techniques with a family member.

You can use the following link to remind yourself of some techniques you have learned or even find new ones to try out: https://positivepsychology.com/mindfulness-for-children-kids-activities/


Write a paragraph (about half a page) explaining how believing in the resurrection of Jesus might make a difference to how Christians live today.

In your explanation, use an example of a problem people face in the world today (for example, inequality — wealth and poverty — illness, loneliness, injustice). Use this example to discuss what difference a belief that Jesus rose again, and offers eternal life might make to them.


·      Find out and write down the definitions for the following words:




Come up with 3 materials/objects that match each of these descriptors.

·      Watch this video: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zqg3cdm. Can you explain what refraction is to another person at home?

·      Half-fill a glass with water and place a teaspoon inside the glass. What do you see? How does refraction change the appearance of the teaspoon?