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Home Learning, Summer, Week 6

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to speak to some of you this week and hearing from Ms Kolak and Ms Ariella about what you’re all up to at home as well.

Here is this week’s learning. Again, if there are any questions please send me an email year3@st-stephensprimary.co.uk or take a photo of the question you’re having difficulty on and upload it to Class Dojo and I can send you an email or give you a call to help.


crinkly, sparkly, frantically, dramatically, mentally, normally, basically, publicly, truly, wholly

Complete your Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check..please ask a family member to test you at the end of the week.

Define these words and write them into sentences.


Complete these tasks daily. Please do not look at the answers until you’ve completed the tasks.


Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3


Task 1:

Look at the images of the sea monkeys and discuss the description with someone at home… hideous little fanged and grinning face…two little web-fingered hands. What do you think of the sea monkeys, how did Stacey manage to train them to work for him? Brainstorm some ideas. You are going to write an instruction leaflet on how to care for and train a sea monkey.

Leaflet outline

Instructions for drawing a sea monkey can be found here if you want to add some images to your leaflet. http://www.jabberworks.co.uk/seawigs/seawigs_draw_seamonkey_A4.pdf

Task 2:

What has happened – What do you think of the Thursltone? Should Cliff stay and become an island or should he leave to go to the Hallowed Shallows? Give reasons for both courses of action. Make a conscience alley – one side encouraging Cliff to stay where he is, giving reasons why and the other convincing him to go to Hallowed Shallows. (We did something similar when reading Jemmy Button and trying to pursue him to stay on the island or to go with the visitors on the island to take him across to the other side)

Ask ‘Cliff’ to share some of the most convincing reasons to stay or go. You are going to write a note to Cliff, giving reasons why he should stay or go. Write to Cliff giving advice. When finished writing the note, screw up the paper into a ball and throw it to someone at home, it doesn’t matter who. The receiving person then reads the note and writes a response in role as Cliff. The note is then screwed up and thrown across the room to another person at home, who will read it? Write an argument for or against Cliff leaving, using the reasons you’ve found.


Read daily for 15-20 minutes.

Oxford Owl http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Username: missburns3

Password: MissBurns3

Reading challenges for this week are:

Day 1: Find similes and metaphors in your book, illustrate them.

Day 2: Draw a picture of where the story is set as you imagine it to be from the description in the book.

Day 3: Make word banks for ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ words.

Day 4: Think of a new title for the book and describe why you chose it.

Day 5: Write a new ‘blurb’ for the back of your book.

Your reading comprehension (make sure you complete the worksheet that fits you best but make sure you challenge yourself too):

Day 1- Layers of the Ocean

Day 2- Mexican Bean Burger Healthy Eating Recipe

Day 3- The Queen’s Birthdays

Day 4- Victorian Inventors

Day 5- Wimbledon


TimesTable Rockstars (10 minutes everyday)

Sumdog (10 minutes everyday)

White Rose Summer Term- Week 10 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/

Access the videos before you complete your task.

Problem of the day 1



Problem of the day 2



Problem of the day 3



Problem of the day 4



Problem of the day 5

Look at the White Rose website and see what your Friday challenge is.


Reflection from last week:

How are you a good role model?

What have you done this week to be a good role model?

What do Buddhists believe about responding to the world around them? Is being reflective important?

How do the noble truths help Buddhists to live their lives?

What have you learnt about Buddhism that has interested you most/made you reflect on how you live your life?

Choose at least 2 of these activities to complete;

Make a poster about Buddha’s life.

Write questions that you would want to ask someone who practices Buddhism.

Make a non-fiction book about Buddhism.

Write a letter as Siddhartha (or to) about what they had learnt and advice to others about how to live the middle path.

Create a board game to reach enlightenment.


How can patterns help us draw conclusions?


Pattern-seeking involves observing, recording and analysing the data. These patterns give you clues that you can analyse and they can help you draw some conclusions.

Write a report on your findings this week.


What has Mr Kwame got in store for you for this week? Go back to the last few weeks and see what he has done. You’re welcome to continue Joe Wicks.


Does Mr Nelson have a new song for you for this week? Go back to the last few weeks and join in with him.


Significant inventions from the Victorian era


An introduction to some significant inventions from the Victorian era. Adam Hart-Davis explains how the tree found to have an antidote to malaria helped invent the ‘gin and tonic’ (it was used to disguise the taste). The use of iron significantly helped the Victorians build railways and steam engines at a rapid pace. In 1837 Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the SS Great Britain, connecting the UK with America. However, Adam demonstrates how these iron ships caused problems for the navigational compasses and explains how Lord Kelvin’s invention, the binnacle, worked to overcome these. We see a ‘tempest prognosticator’ (leech barometer) which the Victorians tried to use to predict the weather. With the increasing need for international trade, we are shown original telegraph cables which linked together across the globe.

If you were a Victorian explorer what equipment would take with you and why? Could you invent a new piece of technology to help you explore new countries? If so, what would it be and how would it be used?

Create a timeline of significant inventions and developments from the Victorian era. Then, write an explanation report explaining how each of these inventions work. You can also write a biography (template below if you need it) about Isambard Kingdom Brunel including his most significant achievements.

mini biography writing frame


Here is this week’s learning for Ms Rodriguez. Remember to upload your learning to Class Dojo for her yr 3 – week6


Linked in with your Geography/History session.


CosmicKids Yoga

Draw/paint a picture

Play board games with family members.

Have a family night.


We’ve got 2 weeks left of the school year guys, please make sure you’re doing as much as you can. You can do this. Make sure you’re looking after your family and helping as much as possible. When talking to some of your adults recently, we’re a bit concerned of the times that you have been going to sleep of a night therefore you’re missing out on your day. If you’re not getting enough sleep your brain isn’t going to be a wake during the day and that’s why we’re not motivated. My suggestion is to go to bed at around 7:30pm-8pm. Obviously on special occasions is a different story. This is your challenge this week year 3! Let’s see how you go.

Have a great week and I will speak to you soon.

Take care,

Miss Burns