Home Learning

Home Learning, Summer – Week 7

Hello Year 3

I hope you’re all doing well.

Considering we haven’t been at school it’s been really strange how fast the last few months have gone. This is your last week of being in year 3, the last of home learning I’m setting for you for year 3. But never fear, I’m setting work for you for the summer holidays which you’ll receive during the week.

A massive shout out to Julianna, who has gone past 1,000 Class Dojo points. She has not stopped with her learning and posting her work daily. WELL DONE for the amazing work and being so enthusiastic!

A massive well done to Nora who got full marks in her Sumdog. I can see how determined she has been in her maths in the last couple of months. We’re super proud of you.

Also to Jaeda, Michael and Imtiaz, a massive well done to you three. They both have been quite consistent with their home learning and uploading whenever they can. Jaeda presented an amazing science experiment where she was observing every 30 minutes for any changes. Michael has been showing off his Computing skills and doing a lot of his work on there when his family haven’t needed the computer as well for their studies. Imtiaz has been busy with other projects at home and creating an Aircraft carrier. It has been lovely to see as he’s spending quality family time too and working as a team.

Remiah and Aziz have been working extremely hard at school since school closure where they’ve been working like they haven’t worked before. With me, they made paper mache characters for their story in English. They had lots of fun!

Over the summer, please continue to keep learning. Please make sure you look after your families over the next 6 weeks. It is going to be quite challenging for some as I know a lot of you have wanted to return to school.

Thank you parents for the hard work that has been put onto you during this pandemic. Your children have needed you more than ever but I hope you’ve all been able to learn from one another and have enjoyed spending more time together. Fingers crossed nothing changes over the next year 6 weeks and they will be through those doors at St. Stephen’s once again.

Here is this week’s learning for you all…on Friday 17th is Emoji day. You will find some activities based around this in some of your home learning for this week.


Practice words from this term that you feel you need to practice more on.

Correct the spelling mistakes



Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4

Task 1:

What do you already know about Stacey de Lacey, the Thurlstone and the sea monkeys? What do you think the monkeys were cheering and squealing? We know the sea monkeys definitely say ‘eep’…what other sounds might they say? These could be the chorus for your chants you will be doing shortly. You are going to compose and perform a Sea Monkey chant and dance (this will link in with your music for this week) Think about what home instruments (materials) you could use. Record yourself doing this chant (brothers/sisters/family members are welcome to join you) and upload onto Class Dojo.

Task 2:

Write a diary entry from Iris, explaining how she felt at different points in the scene. Upload this onto Class Dojo.

Write a story using emojis


Read daily for 15-20 minutes

Book Review using emojis

Oxford Owl http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Username: missburns3

Password: MissBurns3

Challenges for you with the book you’re reading at the moment;

  • Write your opinion of an issue in the book
  • Draw a picture of a new friend for a character in the book. What qualities would they need?
  • Think of a tricky situation. What would your character do?
  • Write a review of your story, what was your favourite part? Character? Description?
  • Find 10-15 adverbs the author uses int he books and illustrate 5 of them.


Times Table Rockstars (10 minutes everyday)

Sumdog (10 minutes everyday)

White Rose Summer- Week 11 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/

Watch the videos before completing your worksheets. Please don’t look at the answer sheets until you’ve completed all tasks.









Friday Challenge &…

maths code breaking- emoji

Mulitplication mosaic- emoji


What do Buddhists believe about responding to the world around them?

Is being reflective important?

  • How do the noble truths help Buddhists to live their lives?
  • What have you learnt about Buddhism that has interested you most / made you reflect on how you live your life?

Choose the following tasks you didn’t complete last week:

Make a poster about Buddha’s life.

Write questions that you would want to ask someone who practices Buddhism.

Make a non-fiction book about Buddhism.

Create an interview with Siddhartha about his life and the start of Buddhism.

Write a letter as Siddhartha (or to) about what he (they) had learnt and advice to others about how to live the middle path.

Create a board game to reach enlightenment.

Reflection questions;

Why was a prince chosen to become Buddha rather than an ordinary person?

If Buddha was alive today what things would he have given up? Is it important in life today to be reflective? Why?

When do you reflect? / When do you have opportunities for reflection? Does reflection help you? How?


What are secondary sources of information?


Some things are difficult to research for yourself but somebody else might know the answer.

You can search online, look in books and watch television to find out the answer. These are secondary sources of information because it is somebody else’s research.

Watch the video. Create a poster with information of what you’ve understood this half term.


Has Mr Kwame posted any new routines for you? If not, go through the routines he has done for you and keep practising.

Joe Wicks if you enjoyed his workouts.


Look at your English task.




The story of the steam engine…


Thirty years after James Watt invented the steam engine, the first railway engine was constructed. It was originally used for pulling coal for short distances. In 1829, there was a competition to build something more useful. The winner was George Stephenson’s Rocket, which could pull passenger trains at 50km per hour. The UK became the centre of the train-building industry, sending engines all over the world. Before the development of the steam-train, it took 12 days to travel between Edinburgh and London on horseback. The Flying Scotsman took just 8 hours to travel the same distance.

Investigate Britain’s role in the history of the steam locomotive in more detail. You might consider the differences to the lives of people living alongside the railway with these higher speed and longer distance passenger trains. You might investigate the possibilities that this opened up to industry and trade routes. You might also find out about what trains are still used for today and compare technological advances.

Create a poster of your findings. Upload onto Class Dojo.


Most of your work this week involves Art/DT.

For Geography/History- make a diorama of one of the topics of the seaside you’ve learnt this half term.


All about me- emoji

Here are some already made masks using emojis- create your own emoji mask face masks- emoji


Myself, Ms Kolak, Ms Ariella and Miss Moses would have loved nothing more than to have you back in the year 3 classroom for one last time and to see you all. We miss you terribly and cannot wait to see you in September. I think we’ll need stilts to stand on as I can imagine you’ve all had growth spurts and no doubt taller than us all now.

We hope you have an amazing summer. If you do go travelling, please be safe! If you do need anything, you are still more than welcome to email us year3@st-stephensprimary.co.uk and one of us will be in contact as soon as possible. Until September, please stay safe, be kind to your siblings and adults and look after yourself! Cannot wait to see you all in the new school year!

Take care,

Miss Burns, Ms Kolak, Ms Ariella and Miss Moses.