Home Learning

Home Learning Tasks – Week commencing 13.7.20

Dear Year 2,

Believe it or not, it is the last week of the school year! Your last week of being in Year 2 and then the summer holidays. Please try your best to do some home learning over the holidays so you will be best prepared for Year 3. I will see you again in September.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Take care,

Miss Chanda and Miss Nina



To be able to identify action words and use them in sentences that use different tenses.


To be able to identify and use description words in writing.


To be able to identify long ladder letters and write sentences that contain joining words.


To be able to identify alliteration in sentences and write your own.


Using the book Pippi Longstocking you will learn how to summarise information and write creatively.




Read for 15 minutes each day. Can you retell the story to someone in your home?

Don’t forget, if you need access to more books to have a look at Oxford Owl and register for free.


Alternatively, if you are looking for non-fiction texts, Miss Nina has found this wonderful website for you to try.




In this lesson, we are going to be summarising information from The Firework Maker’s Daughter. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

To summarise information




Please access the White Rose Maths website for the Maths lessons. We are in Summer Term – Week 12 (w/c 13th July). The accompanying video tutorials can be found here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Lesson 1 – Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 1 Answers – Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 2 – Hours and days

Lesson 2 Answers – Hours and days

Lesson 3 – Find durations of time

Lesson 3 Answers – Find durations of time

Lesson 4 – Compare durations of time

Lesson 4 Answers – Compare durations of time



To know why effective handwashing is important
In today’s lesson, we will discuss the use of a time capsule, as a way of storing memorable items from our time in COVID-19 lockdown. We will start by discussing how to stay clean and healthy, which will be followed by making a sign that can be used to promote good handwashing and reduce the risk of spreading germs.



Playing together but apart
In today’s lesson, we will be adding another important item into our time capsule. We will take the challenge of not being able to play some of our favourite playground games and create new ones or adapt the existing ones. The key will be that they will be safe and ensure a safe distance is maintained. Isn’t it interesting to think how future generations may view this?



My lockdown feelings
In today’s lesson, we will review our time capsule that we created last lesson. We will reflect on our lockdown experience and on how it has felt being away from school for so long. We will think about what we have enjoyed and create a feelings jar, filled with all of the things that have made us happy, which might help others feel better about their experience.



Agony Aunt
In this lesson, we will revisit the Colour Monster story, and discuss how the monster felt better by sorting his feelings into jars. We will discuss worries that some children have and suggest ways to overcome them. We will then create our own thought stopping strategies. Look out for our Agony Aunt!



Make kindness count
In today’s lesson, you will be learning about kindness and how you can be kind at home. You will be looking at other people being kind and how it is easy to perform little, meaningful acts of kindness everyday whilst at home. You will create a kindness chart to record all the lovely, caring things you’ve done.



Eat well; Live well
In today’s lesson, we’re going to be learning some very important points about healthy eating. We will learn how to make healthy portions of food, as well as join in with ‘Ready, Steady, Snack!’ where we’ll learn some tips on how to prepare a scrumptious healthy snack for our families. Enjoy!




Have fun making some of these art activities to keep you occupied.