Home Learning

Home Learning Week beginning – 23.3.20


Continue to read for 15 minutes daily. Write 3 paragraphs about what you enjoyed about your story, how it links into everyday life and how you would change it?



Write a shape poem about a storm.



Please access Timestable Rockstars and Sumdog. There will be assigned work for you on Sumdog. You should all have your log ins!





Make a list of other healthy habits you can add to your daily routine.

How can you stop the spread of germs?

Start a diary of how you have been staying active in the next few weeks.



Go online and research some facts about this significant person:

–          Florence Nightingale

Find out:

–          What does significant mean?

–          Why is Florence Nightingale a significant person?

–          What are the main events of her life?

–          How did she change hospitals?

–          What do you think the world was like when she was alive?


Religious Education

Research online some of the ways Christians celebrate Easter.


Draw an Easter poster!



Draw a picture of a time where you have shown forgiveness.