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Home Learning – Week Commencing 13th July 2020

Dear Year 5 and Families,

It was lovely to see some more of Year 5 return to school last week! They have really enjoyed being back at school, learning and seeing their much missed friends after all this time.

We are pleased to see the learning that is being uploaded onto Class Dojo.

We are especially impressed with the following student this week who has completed every single learning task for the week! A huge well done to Amnah! You have received extra Class Dojo points for your amazing effort!

We also wanted to give special mention to Roshaun who has completed learning tasks and has written a twelve-page story that he is still working on, we think we have a budding author in the making!

We also want to give a mention to Zahra, Manny, and Inayat who were the only other children who have uploaded their learning this week!

A big well done to them too!

This will be the last week of home learning uploaded on the school website. There will be home learning packs available to collect from school this week, for children to complete over the summer break. Children who attend school this week will bring these home with them.

We want to wish you all a peaceful and restful summer break and we look forward to welcoming you back to St Stephens in September!


Take care and keep each other safe,

Mrs Leal, Miss Stephen and Ms Rodriguez





This week you are going to edit your poems using any of the feedback you hae received on class dojo. You will write the final version and illustrate your poem to be incorporated into the class anthology of poems. These will be shared with everyone on Class Dojo.

Remind yourself what you need to do:

Write a poem using the inspiration of the themes we have looked at in the various in this unit. Think about what the poems all have in common? How could you incorporate that into your own poem?

for example:

  • Colour
  • Personification
  • Seasons
  • Nature

You will write your first draft of your poem this week. Think about the nature you can see around you as a starting point. How could you describe it? Will you discuss the colours? Or use personification to describe what you see? Remember nature can be anything you can see or hear outside and around you.

If it helps you to go back to the previous weeks and look at the poems for inspiration, then do this. Remember we have used lots of poems in our art work too!



This being our final week, you will be completing an Assessment which covers your learning this summer term. Please upload your answers to class dojo to be marked.



Think about the advert you made last week for Liam’s DraxPhone. Re read the text Cosmic by Frank Boyle to help you remember the description of the DraxPhone.

This week you will write a letter to your family explaining why you absolutely have to have one before you start Year 6.

In your letter you need to think about the following:

  • What are the features that would appeal to them and let you have one?
  • Are there any features you wouldn’t want them to know about?
  • How will you persuade them?
  • You could share your advert and letter with friends or family and see what impact it has on them: can your friends suggest improvements?
  •  Would you family be persuaded?

When writing your letter make sure you think about

  • how you write a letter correctly.
  •  Is it informal or formal letter?
  • How should you sign your letter?

If you are unsure, look back at your previous learning to see if there are any formats on previous weeks learning that could help you!



This week you are going to revise some of the learning you have covered whilst school has been closed.

The Maths packs look at ‘Converting Units’ and ‘Properties of Shape’.



This term we have been learning about ‘Earth and Space’

Continue with creating your ‘fact file’ of your learning this term. The instructions are posted again below for you.

This will be done in the form of a book. Complete your Fact file on A4 paper and not in your exercise book.

You will need to write some information for all the headings below, using the learning you have completed over this term to help you inform and create your fact file.

In your fact file, you will need to include:

  • A front cover, including the title ‘Earth and Space’, including an image and who it is written by.
  •  Information and pictures for each page heading.
  • You could also add some extra pages or information that you have found out or researched yourself whilst carrying out your learning each week.

Here are the headings you will need to write about, each heading should be a minimum of one side of A4 paper. There are some helpful hints in breackets to give you a starting point for each heading

1.     Spherical Bodies

(Think about the evidence there is to prove Earth is a spherical Body)

2.     The Planets

(give details and facts about each planet in the solar system)

3.     Night and Day

(Explain in detail how night and day occur)

4.     Movement of the Moon

(How ow does the moon orbit the earth and explain why it does)


Spilt the work over the next two weeks to help you. The fact file that impresses us the most will receive 20 extra Class Dojo points! Make sure you spend time on it over the next two weeks!



We are continuing to look at poems from the book ‘Cosmic Disco’, Written by Grace Nichols.

This week we will take inspration from the poems:  Miss Spring/ Sir Autumn/ Lady Winters Rap, to complete our art work.

  • Read all three poems
  • Choose your favourite poem about the seasons.
  • How can you depict this using art?

Draw your response and upload to class Dojo.



Think back on all your learning of the Amazon rainforest. This week your task is to create an informative booklet aimed at year 1 readers to help teach them what the Amazon rainforest is and why we should protect it. Take your time to make great effort with the presentation and these can be shared with Year 1 in September!



Think back on your learning of what it means to be a Sikh.

  • What have you found most interesting?
  • Think about your own faith. What are the most important traditions for you and why?



Your task this week is to design a leaflet giving tips on the important things to remember over the summer holidays.

Think back on all the tasks you have completed this term and create a leaflet to promote healthy living:

  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Keeping in contact with friends
  • Keeping in touch with your feelings
  • Self-care tips such as affirmations, journaling, deep breathing (plus other healthy things you enjoy!)

We look forward to seeing your plans on keeping healthy over the summer!



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