Home Learning

Home Learning – Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Dear Year 5 and Families,

We are very pleased to see all the learning that is being uploaded onto Class Dojo.

We are especially impressed with the following students this week who have completed every single learning task and have done so throughout the schools closure!

A huge well done to Zahra and Roshaun! you have recieved extra Class Dojo points for your amazing effort!

We also want to give a mention to  Amnah and Mustafa, who were the only other children who have uploaded their learning this week!

A big well done to them too!


We would really like to see more than children uploading their learning each week, it is important to complete your learning tasks and keep your brain active and growing.

Please do ensure you complete and upload your learning to class dojo. If you are having issues with uploading the learning to the class portfolios, please send via the messenger on Class Dojo or alternatively to the class email.


We are looking  forward to welcoming back those students who are attending school this week! We we will see you on Tuesday 30th June.

Take care and keep each other safe,

Mrs Leal, Miss Stephen and Ms Rodriguez




We are continuing to look at poems from the book ‘Cosmic Disco’, Written by Grace Nichols.

This week our Poem Focus is:  The Romance of Sir October and Lady October

After reading the poem and discussing with a family member answer the following questions

  • What we know about the two characters?
  • How is the language used to describe the characters and which words tell us things about each character?
  • How might each character represent themselves?
  • How might the characters stand or move?
  • Think about how can you use your bodies and facial expressions to represent this – you can show this by taking a photo and uploading it to Class Dojo’
  • When answering your questions, ensure that you are using full sentences.



We have looked at the past and present perfect forms and now we are moving on to recognise the future perfect form. The future perfect form describes something that will happen at some time in the future, before another action. It is formed using will have followed by a past participle. For example: She will have fallen again before we replace the carpet.


Use the Grammar Resource to help you complete the questions in the Grammar Task.


Complete the questions at the Expected level. You can also challenge yourselves to complete the Greater Depth tasks.

The answers are included in the PDF.



Think about the questions you answered last week. We know that Liam looks old for his age. In the story, this has some very interesting consequences.  As he says, ‘grown-upness is wasted on grown-ups’. Imagine that, like Liam, you can also pass for someone older.

Re read Cosmic by Frank Boyle and ancomplete the following tasks:

Task One

Make a ‘bucket list’ of things you’d like to do when you are old enough to do them. If you do not know what the term bucket list means, look it up!

Task Two

Imagine things from a different viewpoint, as a grown-up or someone like Liam who people think is a grown-up.

Make a list of things you might miss doing when you are seen as too old to do to do.

For example: sleeping with a teddy

Make a list of all the things you think you cannot do once you are older or a ‘grown up’.




This week the words are Convert nouns or verbs into adjectives using suffix -ive

Attractive, creative, addictive, assertive, abusive, cooperative, exhaustive, appreciative, offensive, expressive

If you are unsure if the meanings of these words, look them up and see if you are able to write a sentence, using the word correctly.



  • Spend 15 minutes a day on Timestables Rockstars, or practising your timetables in your own way.
  • Spend 10/15 minutes a day on the following website where there are a range of Maths games you can play https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/ordering-and-sequencing-numbers.
  • Please log onto the white rose website: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

This is the same scheme we use for teaching in class. There will be 4 x 30 minutes lessons a week available for you to access and complete. There is a video to help explain the learning.

Please complete one lesson a day.

The work sheets are here:

Lesson 1 – Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 3 – Reflection

Lesson 4 – Translation

The answers are here:

Lesson 1 Answers – Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 2 Answers – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 3 Answers – Reflection L

esson 4 Answers – Translation



This term we are learning about ‘Earth and Space’.

This week you will  learn to ‘explain the movement of the Moon’.

Task One:

We know the Earth orbits the Sun.

Answer the following questions:

  • Are there any objects that you know orbit the Earth?
  • Does it move in any other type of way?
  • Why don’t orbiting objects just float away?

Task Two

Watch the video about the moons orbit and answer the questions

  • How does the moon move?
  • Does it rotate?
  • Why is the moon only lit from one side?

Task Three

Complete the Earth moon and sun labelling diagram labelling diagram. Once you have completed it check your answers.



We are continuing to look at poems from the book ‘Cosmic Disco’, Written by Grace Nichols.

This week we will take inspration from the poem ‘Sky Artist’, to complete our art work.

  • Close your eyes and listen to a family member reading the poem to you.
  • Write down what images the poem brought to mind as you listened
  •  Read the poem again to yourself. If there are any words you do not understand, look these up.
  •  What further images came to mind? Write these down.
  •  Watch the video of the clouds in the sky or if you have a garden, a balcony or can go to the park with a family member, lie on your backs and watch the clouds float by. Make a note of what you observed.

Now you will create an image of the shapes you saw or imaged. Use chalk if you have anyor whatever you have at home to create your picture.




Read the Geography resource ‘What is happening to the Rain forest’.

Your task this week is to explain why the Amazon is so important and research what is being done to protect the Amazon from deforestation.

Research ways in which the rainforest can be protected by looking at the work of various charities, such as: Rainforest Concern, Rainforest Trust, Greenpeace, Rainforest Alliance or The Amazon Charitable Trust.



Watch this BBC clip about the importance of Sikh tradition:


Reflect on the beliefs that Sikhs have about joining the Khalsa and compare it to your own experiences of belonging.

●     Is it easy or difficult to belong to something? Why?

●     Have you ever stood up for something even though it was scary?



Creating messages helps you to think about the things in your head or heart.

This week’s task is to decorate a message to the class. You might want to offer words of support to the members of Year 5 returning to school this week. You might want to offer words of advice for those remaining at home.




Please find your spanish learning here:Hola year 5