Home Learning

Home Learning – Week commencing 30.03.2020


Look at the image in Resource 1, what does the picture depict?

Spend some time thinking and discussing with your family what you feel the image is showing you.

Is this an image that we would see

  • In Great Britain?
  • Any country around the world?
  • Have you visited places where they have seen lots of people and traffic like this?

Have a think about the growing population in the world. What problems there may be with an ever-increasing population?

Watch this video on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTznEIZRkLg.

Read the report in Resource 1.

  • Can you write a report about the increasing population and the effects it will have on the world?
  • Spend some time researching how a growing population could and will affect our planet.
  • What we can do to help our planet?

Think about what features you need to include when writing a report.

There is a helpful report template to guide you, you can find this in Resource 1.



This week, read three chapters of your reading book and then write a book review (at least one page).



Amplify, solidify, signify, falsify, glorify, notify, testify, purify, intensify, classify

If you are unsure if the meanings of these words, look them up and see if you are able to write a sentence, using the word correctly.



  • Spend 15 minutes a day on Timestables Rockstars, or practicing your timetables in your own way.
  • Spend 10/15 minutes a day on the following website where there are a range of Maths games you can play https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/ordering-and-sequencing-numbers.
  • Please log onto the white rose website: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

This is the same scheme we use for teaching in class. There will be 5 x 30 minutes lessons a week available for you to access and complete.

Please complete one lesson a day. There is a video to help explain the learning and an answer sheet for parents too.



This term we have discussed using expanded noun phrases to create a greater impact in our writing.

Remember: an expanded noun phrase provides extra information about the noun. You can use a determiner, adjectives and a prepositional phrase within your expanded noun phrase to describe and specify details about the noun.

The large, tabby cat by the fire sighed and rolled over.

This week write as many expanded noun phrases as you can using things around the home as your noun.



As part of our topic on ‘How is the UK changing?’ spend time this week researching the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games which took place in East London.

  • Can you find out about the planning for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games?
  • What can you find out about the regeneration of East London?
  • Write up your findings including a reflection on if you agree whether it was a sustainable development.

‘Sustainable development is important as it saves national budget, fulfills the need of people, conserves natural resources, helps in the coordination between the natural resources and people and conserves natural resources for future generation.’

‘Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.’



Describe the person you imagine when I mention: Nurse, Electrician, Beautician, Footballer.

  • Did you imagine a woman for a nurse and beautician?
  • Did you imagine a man for an electrician and footballer?
  • Were they young or old?

Ideas that people have about others are not always correct. We should never judge a person or a group just because of the way they look, their gender, the job they have, their age or their likes and dislikes.

Stereotyping is when people think that everyone who belongs to a specific group is the same. Some examples of stereotyping:

  • All professional footballers are men.
  • All make-up artists are women.
  • All models are young.
  • Girls don’t like to play in the mud.
  • All teenagers who wear hoodies are troublemakers.

Write a paragraph reflecting on how these job roles can be done by either males or females: Pilot, Cake maker, Fire fighter, Teacher, Bus Driver, Mechanic, Hairdresser, Vet, Plumber, Shop assistant, Chef.



During our first session this term we discussed why the Last Supper was so important.

We discussed the symbols which are used in Communion to help Christians remember Jesus, his death and resurrection, and the Last Supper.

Christians believe that Jesus’ death was not the end and that he was resurrected on the Sunday, so Eucharist/Holy Communion is also a celebration.

This week:

Design a poster to advertise a brand-new way for Christians to remember and celebrate salvation.

Include the actions, words, music, activities and symbolism you have chosen in your poster.



As part of our topic on ‘Scientists and Inventors’, you will be doing some research on different scientists and inventors.

This week, read as much as possible about Margaret Hamilton.

Can you find out the following?

  • What strand of Science she known for and did what does she do?
  • Find out at least five facts about her early life, for example: What was her childhood like
  • What are her achievements and what is her ‘legacy’?
  • Why was her ‘mission’ ground breaking and so important?

Give each section a heading

  • Introduction
  • Personal Life
  • Achievements and Legacy
  • Apollo Mission

Write at least two paragraphs in each section on what you have found out about her. Please use Resource 2.



Have a think about your English task last week, where you wrote a story from the viewpoint of a character born in your chosen era of history.

This week you are going to:

Design a book cover for your character that you wrote about.

Use whatever materials you have at home.

You may want to this in the style of the book we have been reading. Resource 3.

You may want to choose your own style and layout.  It is up to you! Get creative and have fun!