Home Learning

Learning from home week beginning 23rd March

Home Learning week beg 23rd March 2020
Hello everyone.
I hope you are keeping well. I have added some activities below for you to do at home. Hope you have some fun doing these and don’t forget to add photos to Tapestry. I have sent links to Tapestry for those who haven’t signed up, please contact me through Tapestry if you have any questions.
I will also set up a Blog of helpful websites, please comment on them and add to the list if you find any that are good to use.
Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Murray and the Early Years Team

Communication and language

• Call a friend or family member on facetime or skype
• Ask them if they are well
• Tell them what you have done today
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

Personal, social development
• Establish a routine
• Make visual cards to represent routine ie: breakfast, exercise, cooking, bedtime etc
• Use the cards daily
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

Physical development

• Make an obstacle course using cushions, chairs, masking tape, boxes, sheets etc
• Have a family competition
• Use a timer and see if you can beat it
•Record the results on paper
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

• We are going to look at the book ‘Aaarghh Spider’ while we are learning from home.
•  Talk about a pet you would like and why?
• Draw a picture of it
• Encourage your child to mark make about why they would like that pet, then write underneath their marks what their ‘writing’ means.
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

• Use the instruments you make for expressive art and design.
• Play the instruments at different speeds ie: fast, slow, marching, skipping etc
• Encourage your child to move in time to the beat.
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry


• Cut a piece of paper into 10 squares and write numbers 1 – 10 on them
• Line up some toys like cars, teddies etc and put one number in front of each toy
• Count them pointing to each number in turn
• Do the same counting backwards or randomly
• Extend to use more numbers if needed.
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

Religious Education

• On Sunday 22nd March it is Mother’s Day when people think about how much their mother’s and other people do for them. Think about how the grown-ups in your life help you.
• Make a Mother’s day card.
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry
Understanding the world • Find out all you can about spiders, ask other people, check the internet etc
• Draw a picture of a spider and label it
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry

Expressive art and design

• Use everyday objects to make some instruments ie: saucepan and wooden spoon, plastic bottle with rice or beans inside, plastic bowls and spoon etc
• Encourage your child to make a long sound or short sound with their instruments
•Create a pattern with these sounds and perform to family members
• Encourage other family members to join in and make your own band.
• Take photos and upload to Tapestry