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MEND in year 4 - 12 October 2016

Every Wednesday afternoon, year 4 take part in a nutrition and exercise based session, known as MEND, which stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do it!

In the exercise session this week, we focused on listening to each other and team work. Amongst other activities, we played high energy team games involving relays and the use of hula hoops.

The nutrition session consisted of tasting this week’s food: sugar snap peas. We thought about how they looked, tasted, felt and smelt. At last we actually got to give in to temptation and eat them! They were delicious!

At the end of the session, we decided on our challenges for next week. We are going to walk for at least ten minutes per day, or if we get a bus or tube to school, we are going to get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way. We will also use trips to the supermarket to discover fruit and vegetables that we have never heard of before.

We are looking forward to more healthy fun next week.