The Nursery went to look at transport in the local area today. We took a bus, number 28, to the canal. We carefully climbed up the stairs and enjoyed looking out of the windows.



I like it when we walked up the stairs. – Naliy


We got off the bus and looked at the canal from the bridge before walking to the canalside and looking at the barges a bit closer.



That’s the boat we saw when we walk down the stairs and saw the ducks. – Aaminah


They have to tie the bicycle on tight because it might fall in the water. – Muaadh

















We then walked back past the bus station where we stayed to look at the buses for a bit.


You can see trees in the window because the windows are shiny. – Omar A



We then went into Westbourne Park station and went down the stairs. We looked at the trains as they came in and out of the station and then caught one to Royal Oak. When we got to Royal Oak we saw some fast trains on another track.



I think the train has 20 doors. – Shams



While we were walking back to Nursery we saw a black crane and an orange digger just like in the story we told in assembly yesterday. We arrived back at Nursery cold and tired but having had a lovely time.


DSCN3855 DSCN3853