Book Start

IMG_0701On Thursday Book Start visited the Nursery. First of all the children heard a story about Alan the crocodile. Then nine parents attended the workshop run by Micki Garvey from Family Learning. The parents made a crocodile puppet to aid in story telling.



They all enjoyed the workshop and some of the comments made by the parents are below:’

‘I really liked the way Mrs. Micki read the story.  I learnt a new good way to read the story for my kids.  It makes the story sound interesting and exciting.’ – Sana

‘I learnt that eyes are the way of describing someone’s emotions and facial expressions.  I realised that reading is an important part of daily lives.’ – Esraa

‘The workshop was excellent and I learned how to draw eyes. I’m grateful for that.’ – Faiza

‘It was enlightening to experience a book being read to a group of children and being read well.’ – Rose



The children all received a pack including the book to take home and enjoy with their parents.