Chick Hatching!


Nursery would like to announce the safe hatching of eight chicks on Thursday 18th May. The babies are doing well and growing up fast. The children have named them Rex, Rosie, Molly, Lolly, Roly, Snowy, Sarah and Violet.


DSCN5173                   DSCN5180












There were two other chicks that hatched, but they had to be helped out of their shells and one died soon after hatching. The other is developing at a slower pace than the others and is being kept in the incubator at Mrs Murray’s house. The children have called him Tiny.





The children have been very interested in the other chicks and have been learning how to be very gentle with them.


DSCN5127             DSCN5126







The chicks will be back in the Nursery on Tuesday, as Nursery are at Forest School on Monday.  The chicks wil be taken  to the farm over half term.