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Are you OK?

We understand the importance of everyone’s mental health and well-being during this difficult time. At St Stephen’s we want to make sure families and staff are looking after their mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak whilst you stay at home:

Be in touch with other people regularly on social media, email or on the phone as they are still good ways of being close to the people who matter to you.

Create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. Such as reading more, watching a movie, having an exercise routine, trying new relaxation techniques. Try and rest and view this as a new, if unusual, experience to you.

Try to avoid speculation and look up reputable sources on the outbreak. Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more often than usual for 20 seconds with soap and hot water (sing happy birthday to yourself TWICE).

Try to stay connected with friends and family.

Talk to your children. We need be to alert and ask children what they’ve heard about the outbreak and support them, without causing alarm. Discuss the news with them but try to avoid over-exposure to coverage of the virus. Be as truthful as possible. Here’s a link if needing more advice how to check in with your child at home.

Try to anticipate distress. It is ok to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed as we read news about the outbreak. Try and reassure others you know who may be worried and check in with people who you know are living alone.

Try to manage how you follow the outbreak in the media as this can cause a lot of stress.

Just like we keep medicine in the cupboards to reach for when feeling under the weather, it can be a good exercise to write down a list of your go-to supports that you know always makes you feel good; whether this be people who make you laugh or cheer you up, professionals who support you, or just a favourite film, song, food or form of exercise.

Other ways to look after your mental health and well-being:

1. Talking about your feelings.

2. Keep active- walk in the park/gardens. (search Joe Wicks on YouTube who teaches child friendly workouts).

3. Eat well.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Keep in touch- give each other a call.

6. Ask for help.

7. Take a break – could be a 5 minute pause from cleaning your kitchen.

8. Do something you enjoy- do an activity you enjoy doing- builds your self-esteem.

9. Acceptance – some of us make each other laugh, great at maths, cook fantastic meals. Be proud of who you are!

10. Care for others.

Below are some links to follow for further advice if unsure:


Supporting schools and colleges through disruption - YouTube



Please take care of yourself during this time!