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Early Years Provision at St – Stephen’s

If you are thinking of sending your child to St Stephen’s please have a look at the video of our Early Years that we have produced.

At St Stephen’s we have a play based/ investigative curriculum at St Stephen’s, which means the children are given the time and space to test out ideas, make new discoveries and consolidate their learning.

The Early Years at St Stephen’s is run as a unit, with Reception and Nursery learning alongside each other. The children do have some sessions, such as Phonics, where they will just be with their class. This way of learning enables the younger children to learn from the more experienced children and the older children to consolidate what they have learnt. ​The children all make good levels of development in their learning.

Another benefit of working this way is the space we have. We are able to access two classrooms and a large outside space, all are well resourced and designed to aid children to learn well.

For an application form or to find out more please contact the school office:  Tel: 020 3351 4488


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