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Farewell Year 6

Year 6 Class of 2020- Leavers’ Poem

What a strange year this has been for every one of you!

We had so much learning planned and a lot of work to do.

Yet, as is often true in life, we would face a test.

And while this test was not for SATS

It left us just as stressed


We were sent into lockdown

Our lives changed overnight.

Yet, acting for the greater good, you all did what was right.

This is a time in history

Unlike any we have known;

And I’m so proud of the resilience and caution you have shown.


One day you will look back to this

As a story you can tell

To your children, to your children’s children,

And maybe their children as well.

Of a time when you were kids yourselves,

And to leave your friends

To keep all of your loved ones safe

and help bring this to an end.


You’ve sacrificed a lot this year

to avoid being unwell.

No end of year production and we’ve cancelled trips as well.

It’s sad we have to part now

In such an unexpected way,

But you all still have the memories of several fun school days.


Remember school trips like Sayers Croft

and others near and far.

Remember collective worships

With Mr Nelson on guitar.

Remember playing with your friends,

the laughing, jumping, speeding.

And, perhaps most fondly of all,

Remember extra guided reading.


You will stay with me in memory,

Valued member of my first class.

And I will look back on our time together,

Even as years pass.

So, while my time with you was short,

And our fortunes have been so cruel

I am glad to have met such special kids

In such a special school.


On Tuesday 14th July 2020, the St. Stephen’s school community farewelled our Year 6 students’ and wished them well for their new chapter.

The morning begun with the Year 6 students in the hall where Mr Acquah introduced what was happening for the morning and read out a poem to reflect on their time together for their final year of primary school. What a year it’s been for them all.

Certificates were given out to each child for a memory that Mr Acquah and Ms Coombes had remembered them for. Such as, Best Handwriting, Maths Wizard, Attendance and so on.

Following on from this, Ms Michaud gave out small gifts to each child to help them on their journey. With this, following on with tradition at St. Stephen’s, ‘The Nanny Pat’ award. A massive congratulations to Adam and Ludan for receiving this award.


To end their Leavers’ day, they finished off in style and sang with Mr Nelson.


Please see latest news documents and media for video


The children were able to spend a little time together before parting ways. We will miss our Year 6’s and hope to see them in the future. All the staff and school community wish the Year 6 all the very best!