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Not Now, Bernard!

On Tuesday, Nursery, Reception and Year One all went to see ‘Not now, Bernard!’ at the Unicorn theatre. We went on two underground trains to get there.  63 children and 19 adults travelled all together and the line of people stretched all the way up the escalator.

When  got to the theatre and took our seats and soon the performance started. Everyone had a lovely time and the children made comments like; ‘My best bit was when the monster bit the dad’, ‘I liked the plant the mum was holding’ and ‘I was sad when the robot got broken’.

After the performance we had ice-cream and could choose strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, it was all delicious.

We then had our lunch by the river and could see Tower Bridge and The Tower of London in the distance. We then made our way back to school.

We would like to thank the school governors  for making this trip possible.