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Online Websites to use during the recent school closure – March 2020

During the school closure over the next weeks, here are some useful home learning websites. 

EYFS/KS1: – (this one is amazing) (3 week free trial)



KS1: (interactive flashcard game for maths skills) (really good teaching videos on a range of subjects- free to sign up) (free maths games – us site) (more educational games, results can be altered by changing subject/year group)



KS2: (learning about outer space)​  – (free maths games online) – (free maths games online)  – (children have passwords) – (children have passwords) – (children have passwords)



All: (plenty of quizzes, good practise for maths!) (fun educational games you can filter by year level – US site) (lots of fun science experiments you can do at home!) (free downloadable activity books – they are big though!)