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It’s the start of a new school year and the start of a new PE year! I hope you have all kept active during the last few months and have enjoyed engaging with the videos. I am really happy to see all of you back and showing great enthusiasm. Normally, at the start of the Autumn term, we would be learning about invasion games (football, rugby or netball), but due to the current guidelines, this year we have decided to start with dance. Last year, we missed the opportunity to have our dance showcase. Unfortunately, this year it is also unlikely that we will be having the showcase. Don’t worry though, everyone will get to see the dance talents within our school. We will record each class performing their routines and put it on a DVD, that you will be able to purchase just before  Christmas term. Below I have upload  some videos of the pupils hard at work mastering their routines. Very soon you will also be able to see Early Years and the Year 4 video.


Please see latest news documents and media for videos