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World Book Day is nearly here!

World Book Day has been rescheduled to Wednesday 21st March.

At St Stephen’s we have several exciting activities planned including a Book Fair, where your child can buy amazing books that interest them, mixed class reading and listening to different teachers read their favourite stories.

We are also going to be dressing up for the day. This year each class has a theme. Please check below to see what kind of thing your child should wear.


Book Theme: Traditional Tales

Dressing Up Ideas: Goldilocks, Bears, Wolves, Pigs


Book Theme: People Who Help Us

Dressing Up Ideas: Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters, Police Officers

Year 1 

Book Theme: The Snail and The Whale

Dressing Up Ideas: Sea Creatures (Whales, Octopus, Fish, Starfish, Sharks)

Year 2 

Book Theme: Zerrafa Giraffa

Dressing Up Ideas: Giraffes, Kings, Queens

Year 3 

Book Theme: The Lion, The Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales

Dressing Up Ideas: Animals found in forests/woods (Bears, Foxes, Wolves)

Year 4 

Book Theme: Iron Man

Dressing Up Ideas: Robots and Mechanical Objects

Year 5 

Book Theme: Cosmic

Dressing Up Ideas: Anything Space related (planets, stars)

Year 6 

Book Theme: Stay Where You Are and Then Leave

Dressing Up Ideas: Soliders and Workers


The best dressed child in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 will win a prize.