Farm Visit

On Friday, Reception Class went on a trip, with Year 1, to the farm. We went by coach and soon we were out of London, one child asked were all the tall buildings were!

When we reached the farm we put on our wellie boots and went for a walk. We walked to a field full of sheep and some of them had lambs. Everyone was given a sack with some sheep food in it and we fed the sheep, they came really close to us.

After lunch we went to the cow sheds and asked some questions. One question was, ‘Why do the cows have long swishy tails?’  The farmer told us the cows use them to ‘scratch’ itchy spots as they don’t have hands.

Next we fed the chickens, they were very hungry and ate loads of grain. After that we played in a huge muddy puddle, it was slippery and sticky and some of us nearly lost our boots. Then it was time to have our boots cleaned with a hose and get back on the coach to come back to school.

It was a long day but we all had lots of fun and learned new things.