Floating classroom

Today Reception class went on the floating classroom. We boarded the barge at Paddington and were told we would be pirates for the morning. The first thing we did was make pirate hats and then the barge made it’s way along the canal.

Skipper Nick steered the boat along and we went on deck to look out for treasure. The treasure was things we could see that were made of wood, metal, plastic, glass and fabric. We kept a good lookout and saw lots of treasure.

Then we went back inside and made treasure boxes, we decorated them with collage items made of the same things as the treasure.

We had a great time being pirates especially when we went through the long tunnel, which was very dark and we practised a pirate shout, ‘Ooh arr me hearties!’

Soon it was time to leave,  what a wonderful morning and everyone said how much they would like to go on the floating classroom again.