In November Year 5 and Year 6 visited ‘The Imagination Lab’ in Lambeth. For Year 5 it was their second visit to the lab but this time they were tasked with a new and exciting challenge run by Lego and The Mayor of London.

WeDo Day was a chance for children in years 5 & 6 to work on a coding and robotics-based challenge that encouraged us to collaborate, think critically and problem solve around a real-world, London-centric theme. We were tasked with creating and programming a device (which includes a pre-built mechanism) that will help clean rubbish out of the River Thames.

Whilst there we took part in lots of activities and had our photo taken by professional photographers. Unaware of their surroundings, because of their engagement, Georgina, Kelise and Manar were photographed during their activity. The lego company was so impressed with their engagement and enthusiasm they used the image on a publication. To thank the girls, they sent them all a lego set!