The Planetarium

The whole of the Early Years went to the Planetarium in Greenwich on Tuesday. We travelled by underground and DLR to get there.

When we arrived we walked through the park and had to climb a really big hill to get to the Planetarium, we all thought this was fun. We then had lunch and went into the Planetarium. We then went on an adventure in space. We learnt the names of the planets and how different planets are hot, cold and some are made of gas. We learnt that Earth is the best place for humans to live.

As we made our way back to the station we saw a big ship called ‘The Cutty Sark’.  On our return journey everyone said it had been a great trip. Some children want to be astronauts when they grow up, some children thought the walk up the hill was great fun, some children said the  ride on the DLR train was the best bit because they could see water and boats and one child went home and made a puppet of a rocket.