Year 5 Visit to Two Temple Place

On Wednesday Year 5 visited Two Temple Place.

Whilst we were there we heard, were inspired by and created Jazz in the basement of the museum, as it was transformed into a Jazz club.

The workshop put us at the centre of the Jazz Age. With storytelling, listening, observing, drawing, writing and even a bit of Jazz recording; it was an immersive experience.

Additionally, we explored the widespread impact that Jazz had on various areas of British life in the years between the two world wars. We listened to Jazz music, looked at paintings, photographs and pottery (and much more!)
before taking inspiration, to create our own Jazz designs and write our own story.

At the end of the workshop, we were given the opportunity to play in our own Jazz band, a ten second backing track was filmed and will soon sent back to school, where we can use it in our future music and lyric writing sessions – we can’t wait!

We had an educational and entertaining day.