Year 6 leavers assembly

On Wednesday 19th July, the school gathered in the hall to see year 6 receive their special leavers awards. Each member of the class was awarded with a certificate for showing a particular value throughout their lives at St Stephen’s. Here are the awards in full:

Abi – resilience, Adam – originality, Ayesha – determination, Ayanie – perseverance, Cedrik – Joy, Dalah – dedication, Dalia – compassion, Dania – kindness, Diar – enthusiasm, Eris – honesty, Halima – courage, Haroon B – tenacity, Haroon I – diligence, Hayden – integrity, Ibrahim – generosity, Irfan A – passion, Irfan R – loyalty, Jasmine – trustworthiness, Malak – commitment, Peshang – curiosity, Reece – optimism, Riyad – bravery, Sahil – inquisitiveness, Samir – endurance, Yusuf – humour, Zidane – wisdom.

After the award ceremony, parents were asked to come to the front to receive a small gift from the children. It was great to see so many parents.

Then we sang This Special Place, a song from our year 6 production, which made many of us emotional. However, the assembly ended with everyone smiling, laughing and remembering all the good times at St Stephens. Here are our memories of the day.

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