Year 6 Visit to The British Museum

On Monday 13th November Year 6 visited The Britsh Museum. Whilst we were there we took part in 2 exciting workshops entitled ‘A gift for Athene’ and ‘A question for the people’.

During ‘A gift for Athene’ :

We used tablets supplied by the Museum to explore the Parthenon Gallery. As we played an augmented reality game, we learnt about the importance of Athena and how the Parthenon communicated and celebrated Athens’ greatness in the 5th century BC.

During ‘A question for the people’:

We used a range of resources to find out what it meant to be an Athenian citizen in the 5th century BC. We then gathered as the Athenian Assembly and put our values into practice using role play and decision making.

We had an excellent day and enjoyed consolidating our knowledge on Ancient Greece.