Year 6 Visit to The Crystal

Today, Year 6 visited The Crystal. The Crystal is a sustainable building, designed to help us consider how we are helping the world combat climate change in 2019. It is divided in to 10 zones, which we got to explore. The zones are:

Zone 1: Forces of Change
These zones introduce the challenges of the future for cities, showing how demographic change, urbanization and climate change impact all parts of people’s lives.

Zone 2: Creating Cities
This zone shows the multi-faceted decision-making, holistic urban planning and monitoring needed when shaping and running our cities.

Zone 3: Smart Buildings
This zone highlights the high levels of inefficiencies in most buildings. It offers solutions such as smart buildings, reducing resources, and making buildings more efficient.

Zone 4: Safe & Sound
This zone presents the diverse risks in a city and ways these risks can be detected, prevented and responded to in order to make the city more resilient.

Zone 5: Keep Moving
This zone explores the increased need for transport infrastructure as people move to cities. It discusses the significance of road and rail electrification and explores green transport choices.

Zone 6: Go Electric
This zone highlights the difficulty of matching energy supply and demand and providing clean energy. It explores the move to a new electricity age.

Zone 7: Water is Life
This zone explores solutions that increase access to drinkable water including rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling, desalination, stopping leaks, reducing water use and water management.

Zone 8: Healthy Life

This zone displays the strain a growing and ageing population is putting on healthcare systems. It presents solutions including keeping healthy, personalising medicine, preventing diseases and reducing costs through efficient processes and infrastructure.

Zone 9: Clean & Green
This zone exhibits the pressure that increased waste, pollution and reduced air quality place on our environment. It features ways to improve air quality and waste management and reduce CO2 emissions.

Zone 10: Future Life
This final zone presents a realistic, positive and possible future in a sustainable city by mid-century, based on the cities of London, New York and Copenhagen.

We had an excellent day exploring, and can’t wait to put some of the things we learnt into practice.