Home School Agreement

Before your child starts at St Stephen’s we will meet you and explain our simple home-school agreement. This sets out what you can expect of us as a school and what we ask you and your child to do as members of our school community. Please click here for a copy of our Home School Agreement.

Travelling to School

Our school is conveniently located on several bus routes and is close to Westbourne Park and Royal Oak underground stations. Where possible we encourage all parents and children to walk to school. The school has a number of parking permits available for parents who need to use a car to allow them to park for a short time near to the school. Please speak to Lesley Gordon in the School Office for more details. Children in Nursery to Year 4 should always come to school with a responsible adult. Children in Year 5 and Year 6 may walk to school alone if their parents have given permission.


Each day the front door is opened at 8.30am. Children can be left from then onwards as there is an adult supervising in the playground. The bell rings at 8.50am and children are collected by their teachers. If your child arrives after 8.50am they should sign in as late using our computer entry system. The office team will then give them a late slip to show to their teacher and record their attendance.

It’s really important that children learn to be punctual to school and arrive in good time before 8.50am. Persistent lateness results in disruption to others and a child having to try and to catch up with their peers.


We encourage our children to be present in school as much as possible. We do recognise that there are times when illness prevents children being at school and we ask that parents telephone the school office on 020 3351 4488 before 8.50am on the first day of absence.

We are not able to authorise holidays in term time. If there is an exceptional reason for travelling in term-time you are asked to make an appointment to see the headteacher at the earliest opportunity.


We have two playgrounds. One is at the rear of the school, the other is on the roof and is carefully protected with caging and netting. Key Stage 1 children use the lower playground. At breaktime and lunchtime Key Stage 2 children are split between the rooftop playground and the lower playground. A range of activities are available for the children at these times.

The children in nursery and reception have their own playgrounds directly outside their classrooms.

Breakfast Club

We have a daily Breakfast Club from 7.50am – 8.50am. Children can be dropped off early and enjoy breakfast with a group of children from across the school. Please speak to the school office for details.

Talking with staff

The headteacher usually welcomes children and parents at the school door each morning. Many queries and concerns can be dealt with informally at this time. It is also possible to make an appointment with the headteacher, often at very short notice, through the school office.

Class teachers are available for a quick word at the start and the end of the day when collecting the children from the playground. However, if you need to talk to your child’s teacher in more detail, please make an appointment to see them.

If your child is ill at school

If your child becomes ill during the day or has a serious accident, we will always contact you, having taken the necessary steps to ensure your child is safe and cared for. It is really important that we have up to date contact details, including mobile phone numbers, and that someone is able to come and collect your child if necessary. We have a number of trained first-aiders who can administer simple treatment for day to day bumps and scratches and who know what to do if a child is more seriously injured.


If your child requires prescription medication during the school day please speak to the school office who will arrange a medical planning meeting with the relevant staff member.

Collection of Children

New collection times during Autumn term 2020:

Nursery 9.10am until 11:40am

Reception 9.10am until 3:10pm

Year 1 and 3 from 8:40 until 3:10pm

Year 2 and 4 from 8:50 until 3:20pm

Year 5 and 6 from 9:00am until 3:30pm

Any uncollected children will be taken to their classroom. Please try to call us if you are unavoidably delayed collecting your child. If a parent has not collected their child by 4.00pm and we are unable to get hold of any other emergency contacts the school has a duty to inform Social Services who may need to make temporary arrangements for the care of your child.

Parents’ Evenings

There are several different opportunities to come and meet your child’s teacher each year. In the autumn term we hold a “meet the teacher” session where your child’s teacher will introduce themselves, the curriculum for the year, and will answer any questions that you might have.

In October and the spring term we hold parents’ evenings where you can meet your child’s teacher to discuss their progress as well as any issues which may have arisen.

At the end of the year you will receive a written report about your child’s progress. If you wish to discuss this report you can make an appointment with your child’s teacher.

Please do not wait until the next parents’ evening if a problem or concern has arisen. We would welcome the opportunity to talk at the earliest opportunity and find a solution together.

PE and Sports

All our children have a weekly PE lesson with Mr Kwame our PE coach. Children should have a PE kit for their lesson and the office sells yellow t-shirts with green shorts. Children should have plimsolls or trainers for their PE lesson.

School Uniform

Year 1 to Year 6

We have a smart school uniform of a gold polo shirt with a school logo, and a green sweat shirt, cardigan or fleece. These are all on sale from the school office along with other optional accessories. Children should wear grey school trousers or skirts.

We ask that hijabs are black or dark green and that all jewellery is kept to a minimum of a simple watch and one stud per ear for pierced ears. Children should also wear plain black school shoes with grey socks for boys and grey or white socks or tights for girls.  Hair accessories should be simple and green, yellow or black.

In the Summer (From Easter until October half-term) all children may wear grey school shorts.  Green checked summer-dresses may also be worn.  Cycling shorts or PE shorts may be worn underneath summer dresses, but leggings should not be worn as these can be seen below the hem-line of the dress.

Please remember to label all school uniform items with your child’s name.


Early Years Uniform (Nursery and Reception)

Early Years children spend a lot of time moving, exploring and playing.  For this reason we have a simple Early Years uniform of green joggers with a gold polo shirt and a green sweatshirt or cardigan.  Shoes such as sensible black trainers are the most appropriate thing for the active learning in early years.

In the Summer  (Easter until October half-term) early years children can wear green or grey shorts.  Summer dresses are not practical for early years and children should not wear these until they are in Year 1.

Please remember to label all school uniform items with your child’s name.


Secondary Transfer Arrangements

Children at St Stephen’s attend a variety of local secondary schools. There is no single school our children transition to. We encourage parents and children to visit as many schools as possible so that they can make an informed choice on their application as to their schools of choice.

Applications for secondary school places are made at the start of a child’s final year at St Stephen’s (Year 6). Applications are made to the admissions team for the borough you reside in, regardless of the borough the school you want to go to is in.

Most schools offer open days to see the school prior to the application deadline. If you have any questions regarding secondary transfer please contact the school office who will help to guide you to where you can find an answer.

Please use the links below to read the secondary transfer information for Westminster, RBKC and Brent with details of local secondary schools and their admissions criteria.  Please remember that you must make a secondary application to your home borough by 31 October.

Westminster Secondary Transfer Presentation 2020

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Westminster - Your choice for secondary education

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Westminster - Hints and tips applying for a secondary school

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RBKC - Your choice for secondary education 2020

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RBKC - Hints and tips for applying to secondary school

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