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Sports day 2017/#GreenForGrenfell - 25 June 2017

Friday 23rd of June saw the whole of St Stephen’s travel to Paddington Recreation Ground for our annual sports day. This year was a little more special than previous years as we were also taking part in #GreenForGrenfell, where all schools in West London and beyond wore something green in memory of the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. All children wore a green ribbon along with their house colours and staff also wore green ribbons and their house colours which were printed with #GreenForGrenfell.


Various activities took place in the morning, these included the egg and spoon race, sack race and the beanbag throw. A big well done to nursery and reception who competed for the first time this year, they were having so much fun they decided to pass on their chance for a breather at the rest station!  After lunch we moved onto the sprints and this year we were also lucky to have lots of parents who were willing to race their way to a medal! We came together in the afternoon to perform a rendition of Bobs Marley’s ‘One Love’, the perfect song to sum up our community at St Stephen’s.


This year’s sports day was one of the best so far, here are some of the highlights: