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St Stephen’s Welcomes our MEND leaders - 7 January 2016

For the next three years we will be running the MEND programme to encourage healthy lifestyles.  Children will experience this programme when they are in Year 1 and Year 4.  This week we welcomed our MEND leaders to St Stephen’s.  Here they introduce themselves:


My name is Alex (on the left) and I am a physical activity leader.  I like to play hockey.  My challenge for you this week is to take the stairs part the way or all the way instead of taking the lift or the escalator.

My name is Jo (on the right) and I am a nutritionist.  I like to eat kiwis and run around at the park.  My challenge for you this week is to eat breakfast everyday.

As you can see above every week we will be giving you special challenges to help you become a fit and healthy school community.

Let us know how you get on!  If you need any support in succeeding in your weekly challenge, we are happy to help!

Please come and talk to us if you see us around at school.
We look forward to getting to know you!