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Uniform Information

Year 1 to Year 6

We have a smart school uniform of a gold polo shirt with a school logo, and a green sweat shirt, cardigan or fleece. These are all on sale from the school office along with other optional accessories. Children should wear grey school trousers or skirts.

We ask that hijabs are black or dark green and that all jewellery is kept to a minimum of a simple watch and one stud per ear for pierced ears. Children should also wear plain black school shoes with grey socks for boys and grey or white socks or tights for girls.  Hair accessories should be simple and green, yellow or black.

In the Summer (From Easter until October half-term) all children may wear grey school shorts.  Green checked summer-dresses may also be worn.  Cycling shorts or PE shorts may be worn underneath summer dresses, but leggings should not be worn as these can be seen below the hem-line of the dress.

Please remember to label all school uniform items with your child’s name.


Early Years Uniform (Nursery and Reception)

Early Years children spend a lot of time moving, exploring and playing.  For this reason we have a simple Early Years uniform of green joggers with a gold polo shirt and a green sweatshirt or cardigan.  Shoes such as sensible black trainers are the most appropriate thing for the active learning in early years.

In the Summer  (Easter until October half-term) early years children can wear green or grey shorts.  Summer dresses are not practical for early years and children should not wear these until they are in Year 1.

Please remember to label all school uniform items with your child’s name.


Uniform Purchases

All uniform is purchasable from Stitch Design. Please click on the link below to access their site:

Stitch Design - Stitch design