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Wiggle Week - 27 January 2017

During the week commencing 6th February, Year 1 and Reception will be taking part in Wiggle Week!


What is Wiggle Week?
• A new healthy lifestyle campaign designed for Reception and Year One children.
• Introduces Reception children to healthy behaviours, and reinforces Year One children’s learning from Phase 1 whilst supporting Phase 2 of MEND
in Schools
• Six wiggles (songs) combining catchy song words with well-known nursery rhyme tunes to establish healthy routines surrounding trying new foods,
drinking water, staying active, being active as a family, oral health, and bedtime routine.
• Helps to extend the MEND in Schools programme into the home and increase parent engagement by encouraging children to get the whole family involved.
How does it work?
• Your MEND in Schools Leaders will introduce the Wiggle Week songs to Reception and Year One children.
• During Wiggle Week children will be encouraged to complete all six Wiggles each day.
• Each child will be given a laminated star chart and stickers, which they can affix each time they complete a wiggle.
• At the end of Wiggle Week, each child will receive a jumper sticker, certificate, and balloon for taking part.